• PST1/01

    BHD 49.00

    The Piston PST1/01 bracelets takes inspiration from the industrial essence universe. The stainless steel 5-layer cylinder represents the movement within a cylinder, either to compress or transform energy imparted evocative of its use in manufacturing plan

  • PLB1/01

    BHD 55.00

    The Plumber PLB1/01 is the industrial essence inspired bracelet. Iconic stainless steel elements and dark brown leather are a reinterpretation of the modern day system of pipes and drains keep it moving. The stainless steel and woven leather create a vers

  • PST3/01

    BHD 55.00

    The Piston PST3/01 is inspired by the industrial engine universe. The black PVD stainless steel represent the central work station of the reciprocating engine. In cars that go, multiple cylinders are commonly arranged side by side in an engine block. The

  • PST2/01

    BHD 55.00

    The Piston PST2/01 is inspired by the industrial revolution universe. The antique brass stainless steel cylinder is reminiscent of steam engines. The admission and release of steam is controlled by piston valves. The vintage look of the antique brass and

  • JMP1/01 JUMPER

    BHD 59.00

    The Jumper JMP1/01 bracelet is a reinterpretation of electrical cables between a trailer and an automobile or road tractor. The industrial essence design has stainless steel alligator clips. Used to conduct electricity, the serrated edges on each end have

  • JMP3/01 JUMPER

    BHD 59.00

    The Jumper JMP3/01 bracelet restarts the industrial engine battery by connecting to an electrical supply. With trademark black and red elements. The black alligator clips on each end connect when wound around the wrist three times. Four engine red leather

  • JMP2/01 JUMPER

    BHD 59.00

    The Jumper JMP2/01 bracelet deconstructs the push-pull mechanism between the locomotive, the railroad cars and the cab car for the transmission of head end power. With signature industrial revolution elements of antique brass closures at each against a mo

  • PLB2/01

    BHD 59.00

    The Plumber PLB2/01 is the industrial revolution reinterpretation of the collection. Antique brass elements reminisce of hard working plumbing systems created for bustling cities of the industrial revolution. The antique brass and the dark brown leather b

  • PLB3/01

    BHD 59.00

    The Plumber PLB3/01 is inspired by the industrial engine universe. The passage and movement if gas and oil drainage and piping systems ensure the safe transport of combustion. The black PVD and anodized elements presented on a black leather strap, creates

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